NO BASIC BOMBSHELL (NBB) is a brand that began with a love of glitter, colour and everything snazzy. 

Designed by artist/designer Natalie Farouz.

Natalie started NO BASIC BOMBSHELL with a desire to make something fun, affordable and sparkly hoping that it would add to the buyers confidence and beauty.

NO BASIC BOMBSHELL quickly gained a following of like minded babes and we are lucky to get to make things we love and pass them on as treasures to our gorgeous customers. 

A major part of our brand ethos is that our designs are super snazzy yet still accessible for everyone, that means we keep our pricing affordable and we make everything by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Everything is designed, cut, glittered and hand finished in the UK by our team of babes. We are a small team and we work our fingers to the bone to ensure our customers are happy.

Our earrings are made in small batches for their initial releases and then they are made to order, this avoids waste and also helps to keep our material costs lower, allowing us to pass on this saving to the buyer.

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